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Program Your Own Castle

Let's use all the things we learned to build an entire castle!

You can use all the functions and all the graphics we saw in the previous activities.

⭐ This is the last activity in this Hour of Code, so you can take your time to build your castle!

We gave you a template to start with.

🎉 Most importantly, have fun!


Are you happy with your castle? Fantastic! 🚀

If you would like, you can copy or download the graphic to show it to your teacher, family, and friends (depending on your browser, e.g., you might be able to right-click on the graphic, and pick "Save Image As..." from the popup menu).

Oh, and you can also download your code (with the Download Python Source button below). This way, if you have Python and PyTamaro installed, you can run and extend your code on your own computer.

This activity has been created by LuCE Didactics Innovation Team and is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Program Your Own Castle

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