Decompose Graphics
Compose Programs

New to Programming?

Eager to discover the art of programming? Embark on a journey to learn fundamental programming concepts in an engaging way.

We carefully designed PyTamaro to keep complexity under control.

You can read more on why the library is designed this way in this research paper. It describes pitfalls that need to be considered when teaching programming using graphics, and what PyTamaro does to eschew them.

Teacher-Designed Curricula

A number of teachers are contributing to this web platform with their activities and curricula.

Going through a curriculum gives you the best learning experience, as it guides you through a coherent sequence of activities.

PyTamaro Resources

You can program with PyTamaro directly in your browser, but you can also install it as any other Python library in your enviroment.

We also provide a complete API documentation.

A Network of Contributors

The PyTamaro library is an open-source project. Its development happens on GitHub. GitHub is also the right place to go if you want to report a bug.

The content of this website has been developed by multiple authors. Each contributor is listed on our "About" page.

Logo of PyTamaro

PyTamaro is a project created by the Lugano Computing Education Research Lab at the Software Institute of USI

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