Learn programming in a rigorous and engaging way

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Wondering how and why PyTamaro differs from other approaches? We have a research paper for you.

A Variety of Curricula, Designed by Teachers

A number of teachers are contributing to this web platform with their activities and curricula.

Going through a curriculum gives you the best learning experience, as it guides you through a coherent sequence of activities.

Teaching with PyTamaro?

We are growing a collection of resources for teachers using PyTamaro to teach programming.

You will find the TamaroCards to teach programming unplugged, a service to generate ready-to-print pieces from your own graphics, and more.

Online or on Your Device

Program with PyTamaro directly in your browser (even on a tablet!), or install it as any other Python library in your enviroment.

No matter the choice, we provide a complete API documentation.

A Network of Contributors

The PyTamaro library is an open-source project. Its development happens on GitHub. GitHub is also the right place to go if you want to report a bug.

The content of this website has been developed by multiple authors. Each contributor is listed on our "About" page.

Logo of PyTamaro

PyTamaro is a project created by the Lugano Computing Education Research Lab at the Software Institute of USI

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