How to Install PyTamaro

If you know how to use pip

If you have installed on your computer a Python interpreter with the pip package manager, you can easily install PyTamaro:
pip install pytamaro

If you use Thonny as an IDE
  1. Select the "Tools" menu, then choose "Manage packages"
  2. Type "pytamaro" in the search field and click the "Search on PyPI" button
  3. Select "PyTamaro" in the search results, then click the "Install" button.

Frequently Asked Questions

I was using PyTamaro and now some functions do not work anymore as they used to!

In February 2023, we released a new version of PyTamaro that includes some breaking changes to the API to improve the consistency of the library and its error messages.
We advise to upgrade to the latest version of PyTamaro (pip install --upgrade pytamaro).
The documentation for the older version of PyTamaro (years 2022 and before) is still available.
For a detailed list of the changes, see this changelog.

Logo of PyTamaro

PyTamaro is a project created by the Lugano Computing Education Research Lab at the Software Institute of USI