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Your data is stored in your browser's local storage. On this page you can see what is stored there, and you can import and export all your data if you wish. You also can configure your privacy settings, which influence what data gets sent to our server.

Export and Import

The data (e.g., source code) you enter in PyTamaro Web is stored in your browser, inside its local storage. You may want to export the data into a file you can carry around (e.g., if you work at home and in school), you can backup (e.g., if someone might clear your browser's local storage), or you can send to your teacher.

Privacy Settings

PyTamaro Web is run by Luce, the computing education research group at USI in Lugano, Switzerland. We run PyTamaro Web on servers at USI. We can do this because our job is to conduct research on how people (like you) learn to program. We are not a company, and we do not sell your data to anyone. However, for our research, we need to understand the kind of programs learners write, and which learning trajectories they take through the activities. This is why we would like to anonymously store this data.

Anonymous data sharing for research

Current preference: not expressed.

Please select whether you consent to anonymously use your data.

Even if you allow sharing data for research purposes, we do not collect any personally-identifiable data. You remain completely anonymous. We will not know who you are, we will not know where you are. We describe this fully in our Privacy Policy.

The button below will delete all the data this web application stores in your browser's local storage (i.e., deleting the code you have written in ALL activities and resetting the entire web application to its initial state).

If you are part of a research experiment, specify here the experiment key you received from the researcher. This will allow us to associate the anonymous data with the experiment.

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PyTamaro is a project created by the Lugano Computing Education Research Lab at the Software Institute of USI

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