PyTamaro Summer Academy 2024
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Five-Day Summer Academy at the Software Institute at USI in Lugano

Coming Summer 2024Dates and daily schedule to be determined
Registrations will open Spring 2024. Spaces will be limited to around 20 participants.

If you are curious, you may want to check out what we did in PyTamaro Summer Academy 2023!

  • Problem Solving

    Learn programming by decomposing graphics and recomposing them as programs.

  • Theory & Creativity

    Experience the sound theoretical foundations of programming combined with the unbounded creativity and playfulness of computer graphics.

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    Python & PyTamaro

    Use the most prevalent programming language, Python, and the greatest (we think) educational graphics library, PyTamaro.

MultilingualDeutsch ∙ Italiano ∙ English

The PyTamaro library currently supports German, Italian, and English. In this summer academy we will speak them all. Join us, and learn to program in your native language!

Teachers & StudentsLearn Together

Programming is a collaborative activity. To participate in this summer academy, you need to come as a team: each teacher brings along 1-3 students. Or we team you up.

Learning and FunMinds that Match our Mountains

The summer academy will take place at USI in Lugano, but we will explore the beautiful surroundings. Yes, we will discover PyTamaro. But also Monte Tamaro!

Programming: Deep like Mathematics, Creative like Art

Photo by Artturi Jalli on Unsplash
Theoretical FoundationsConnect to Algebra and Logic

The contents is informed by concepts from algebra you might know from middle school, all the way to abstract algebra and logic one would learn at university.

Photo by Alp Ancel on Unsplash
Creativity & Playfulness(De)Compose Art, Design, and Games

Starting with the composition of simple geometric shapes, we will end up composing graphics inspired by contemporary art, design, and game design.


The PyTamaro Summer Academy will take place at USI, the Università della Svizzera italiana, in beautiful Lugano. The USI Campus is within walking distance from the lake and the city center. There are trains, cable cars, and gondolas up many of the nearby mountains, several of them easily reachable on foot or by public transportation.

Photo of Lugano Station
Photo of Alpe Foppa
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Photo of Tamaro-Lema Hike, View of Lugano
Photo of USI

Lugano is full of hotels, many of them within walking distance from USI. Some examples are Hotel City, right next to campus, Hotel Lido Seegarten, at the lake front, and Hotel Zurigo Downtown and Hotel Pestalozzi, in the city center. And the Youth Hostel Lugano Savosa has a swimming pool and palm trees, and includes breakfast! Like a hotel, but unlike AirBnBs, it also includes a Ticino Ticket for free public transportation within Ticino.

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PyTamaro is a project created by the Lugano Computing Education Research Lab at the Software Institute of USI

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