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Welcome to PyTamaro!

We recommend you start here. Learn to write small Python programs that create graphics with PyTamaro. You will practice fundamental programming concepts and techniques:

  • Decompose a problem into subproblems
  • Compose expressions that compute values
  • Call functions to reuse existing computations, and package your own computations into reusable functions
  • Bind names to things to make your code easier to understand
  • Refactor your code to make it more beautiful
  • Use types to make your code safer
  • Use libraries of code written by others, and start to build your own library
  • Compose simpler graphics into more complex graphics

This curriculum does not include conditional computation (if-statements) or repetitive computation (loops, recursion). These concepts are covered in subsequent curricula. However, even if you already know some Python, we strongly recommend you complete this curriculum first. We promise you will learn quite a few things along the way.

This curriculum has been created by LuCE Research Lab and is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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PyTamaro is a project created by the Lugano Computing Education Research Lab at the Software Institute of USI

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